Scout Skills

This page contains links to sites that help you learn skills that will be useful to you as a Scout.

Building Stuff is an interactive web-site that takes you step-by-step through tying a wide range of knots and lashings. There is also an Activity Pack where you can learn about the requirements of the Pioneering badge such as the how to coil a rope, the use of anchors and blocks and tackle. There is another booklet on pioneering here.

Finding Your Way

The Ordnance Survey have some great leaflets for learning to read a map. The simplest is Map Reading Made Easy Peasy or for a more comprehensive guide look at the longer Map Reading leaflet. A variety of games and exercises can also be found on the Ordnance Survey web site,

Fixing People

Try Everyday First Aid or First Aid for Young People on the British Red Cross site or get First Aid Advice from St John Ambulance. There are also Apps available that you can download to your phone.